Podoplanin (PDPN) is a unique transmembrane receptor that promotes cell adhesion and motility.

The PDPN receptor controls critical aspects of many processes including embryonic development, vascular integrity, lymphatic vessel formation, nerve damage and repair, and many forms of cancer. In fact, PDPN has emerged as a functionally relevant tumor biomarker and chemotherapeutic target.


PDPN meetings will build on a core group of researchers that has assembled to exchange reagents, systems, and ideas to facilitate PDPN research. This network provides a source of expertise and materials to drive PDPN research forward at a rate that far exceeds each person working on their own.


PDPN meetings will foster an international consortium of collaborators that share ideas, reagents, and techniques to support PDPN research. These meetings are designed to accomplish immediate goals to generate capstone papers, funding applications, and focus groups. The meetings also initiate long term goals to elucidate fundamental mechanisms by which PDPN functions and can be translated into medical advances.