Maackia amurensis Seed Lectin (MASL) Increases Movement Velocity of Mice with TNFα Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Podoplanin:CLEC-2 interactions regulate IL-33 production from lung epithelial cells and airway inflammation

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PDPN in Glial and Neuronal Brain Pathology

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Podoplanin Expression and Ex Vivo Lectin Effects on OSCC Cells from Clinical Trial Subjects

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Podoplanin (PDPN) Enables Transformed Cells to Migrate and Escape Growth Control Mediated by Cadherin Junctions with Adjacent Nontransformed Cells

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Mapping PDPN Cancer Mutations

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Targeting Podoplanin to modulate macrophage recruitment during infection

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Efficacy of cancer-specific anti-podoplanin CAR-T cells and oncolytic herpes virus G47Δ combination therapy against glioblastoma

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Role of Podoplanin Positive Cells Derived Exosomes in Cardiac Inflammation and Amyloidosis

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CLEC-2 antibodies and nanobodies as agonists and antagonists

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Targeted cancer immunotherapy in aged mice

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Podoplanin-targeted NIR-PIT kills cancer cells and CAFs simultaneously.

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